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Waterfalls bring a touch of nature into your backyard. They are often defined as beautiful structures where waterflows in larger streams from tier to tier or down a flat surface. Waterfalls can range in sound from very strong, powerful sounds, to simple delicate trickles.

Why a Waterfall?

Creating a waterfall in your very own back yard can make a great focal point. Almost like bringing a natural element into your own outdoor space, they can help minimize unwanted noises such as traffic. Illuminated with a light, waterfalls can make be the center of attention at any garden party. Some may try to build their own waterfall with natural elements, but with modern day materials, waterfalls can be easily purchased out of lightweight materials such as fiberglass or a heavy sturdy material such as cast stone. A waterfall will bring serenity o any location, whether it be at your home or office and will be a visually stunning choice.

Types of Garden Waterfalls

Waterfalls can come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Artificial waterfalls, those that are composed of materials such as fiberlass, mimic the look of real stone. Cast stone garden waterfalls bring a natural look to a garden and will provide a study structure that can withstand the test of time. Most garden waterfalls are made out of cast stone or fiberglass.

Placement of a Waterfall

Deciding to place a waterfall in your backyard can be a great choice, whether you already have a formal garden or just an empty back yard. Small backyards often lack character, but the addition of a self container waterfall can be the much needed natural flow of water to your empty space. You can sit on your back patio and watch the waterfall and enjoy the serenity of flowing water, day or night. Whether fiberglass or cast stone, waterfalls are an easy way to add a completing touch to your outdoor space.

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